17 February 2020

Trova il tuo Hotel a Laigueglia

Ecco gli hotel aderenti alla rete d’impresa QuiLaigueglia e periodi di apertura: Per inviare una richiesta a tutti gli hotel compila il modulo presente al seguente […]
7 April 2016

Catamaran trip

A boat trip is an experience to try at least once in your life because it represents a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature […]
7 April 2016

Solleone Adventure Park

Located on the mountains above Alassio, surrounded by nature, centuries-old pine trees and with a breath-taking view of the Gulf of Alassio, there is the Solleone […]
7 April 2016

Pony club

A fantastic opportunity to experience horse riding and learn about nature and the territory. Trekking, excursions and horse riding trips of various lengths (for beginners a […]